Monday, October 15, 2012

The Stroller Saga

Remember my post on my stroller dilemma before I gave birth to Sabby?

Now here are the verdicts on the strollers that we bought/used for the past 16 months.

Stroller no. 1: Safety First Jogger-type Stroller

I was greatly in charge in choosing what to buy for Sabby. From her cloth diapers, bottle brand, beddings, crib, etc. So this time, I gave the call to her dad who was very inlove then with this stroller! He new he had to get it when we saw it in SM Megamall Department Store. It looked something like this but not exactly with all those red colored steel frames (ours was just plain silver). I liked it because it is very sturdy and I feel like Sabby is very secured with it's 5 point harness. The rear wheels are big enough for easier gliding. We also like the accesories that came with it like the rainshield and foot muff. We splurged a little on this since we know that strollers are great help specially to families who loves going out like us.

Stroller no. 2: Regular Umbrella Type Strollers
As early as three months, we were riding planes and we thought that having a bulky Safety First stroller is a travel no no. My aunt who have 2 boys handed down an umbrella stroller (not the one on the pic above, but looks similarly like this) which we were able to use whenever we go out of town and we don't bring our own transportation. 

Then months after, another aunt send over another barely used umbrella type stroller owned by her now 5 year old daughter and it looked liked this (but not same design). We like that this is now more feminine because it's pink. However, what turned us off with these umbrella type strollers was that Sabby can't sleep well on this. Both borrowed strollers have fixed sitting position, thus, making it hard for the little girl to sleep without her head falling on the side or in front. 

Stroller no.3: Chicco London

And here is our current love, the new Chicco London stroller! I did some research through online shopping sites. I checked through Walmart thinking that I will be able to save some money, however, I don't know anyone coming home soon. I checked my options here in Manila and this wasn't my first choice though I had Chicco in mind already. I was looking at the Chicco Echo stroller which is almost the same with the Chicco Liteway. I liked the Echo because of it's really nice colors. I also checked strollers in malls but I was not impressed at how local brands are overpriced. Good thing, we scheduled Sabby's passport application in SM Megamall so we had time to checkout baby stuff. Then, we found this! It looks nice (and even nicer in actual), it is reasonably priced, very light and Sabby loved it. This was a great find because Sabby can comfortably sit and we don't have to worry about her position because this has 3-reclining positions which can go from sitting position to super laid. We thought of getting the red one but daddy wanted a different color for Sabby's new ride. Plus, this London stroller is cheaper by Php2000 than the Liteway and Echo. We are very happy with this one and we're taking it to our HK trip this November.


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