Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Sab's Stroller Choices

We’re now very excited to see Baby Sab and all I do everyday is go online and search for clothes, strollers, shoes, etc… All baby basics are complete already except for the stroller. 
Our first choice is GRACO. We love the complete travel system that comes in neutral colors. It’s not that pricey for a complete travel system with prices ranging from Php13000 to Php20000. 

One afternoon, hubby and I saw a foreigner and his baby in Market Market with this really cute stroller! I’ve been searching for the exact thing for a week now. QUINNY! Now, we’re trying to check our best option since these Quinny strollers are not available in the Philippines. One more thing is that we have to buy the accessories separately from sister brand Maxi-Cosi. Gahhh. It’s kinda expensive but we both like it and baby can use it from 0-3.5yrs. 

We still have a few weeks to think.  Hmmm.. GRACO vs QUINNY

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